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Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Human Services
California State University, Fullerton
Research Psychoanalyst,
Newport Psychoanalytic Institute
Existential Psychoanalysis & Philosophical Practice




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Includes new arrivals:

Reflection and Self-Deception

Saying, Feeling, and Self-Deception

Towards Origins of Philosophical Practice, Talking to J. Michael Russell



  Notes for a presentation on "The Philosophical Yield of Philosophical Practice."










About my private practice as a Research Psychoanalyst

Notes for a frequently given lecture on psychoanalysis 




My classes  



 Though in need of being updated, this will give some idea of what I teach and how I go about it.


Outline for a conference presentation on "Encountering Existentialism"





A brief and informal autobiography



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My articles-- a few of them.  One of these days I'll post some others.



   Materials for 8th International Conference on Philosophical Practice, Seville 2006







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