About my private practice:  

I have a private practice as a Research Psychoanalyst.  A Research Psychoanalyst is someone registered with the Medical Board of California, who holds PhD in a field not traditionally a mental health provider, who then completes training at a psychoanalytic institute, and who then may practice psychoanalysis as an adjunct to their academic or research interests.  That training includes five years of post-doctoral course work, a minimum of 400 hours of personal analysis, and 3000 hours of supervised therapy experience including at least 300 hours of supervision on analytic cases.    I practice psychoanalysis from the perspective of existential philosophy, and also as an adjunct to training psychoanalysts and also  training students of human services in group work, case analysis, and the theory and practice of counseling.    These are areas in which I do teaching and research.  My practice is rooted in traditional psychoanalytic theory and technique, modified in connection with these research interests, and adapted to the circumstances of individuals and groups who consult with me.  Because I draw heavily from my background in philosophy, I also portray my services as Philosophical Counseling.  Upon request by email, I will send a more detailed description of my services, and provide my phone number for persons considering making an appointment.

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